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by people — UX DESIGN studio

We are a UX design studio here to support startups scaling their business lean and agile — and help build market-ready products for a brighter future.


Crafts & Arts. Curated crafts from local makers — After two years of limiting restrictions the makers were ready for a new beginning; going digital, pop-up stores and self check-out markets.

Navah. Your online doula— Sprung from a demanding need for a more inclusive perspective on pregnancy and birth; Navah was born — and we helped deliver.

Coly. Technology solution for seamless shared living operations — Providing a unique solution for shared living, Coly needed a hand making their MVP stand out from the fold. 

Minc. The startup house of Malmö — Nearing their website re-launch, we jumped aboard for a design sprint to provide a fresh angle and make room for the new ventures of Minc.

Mina Webbkurser. Online course platform to live more sustainable — With a dream of providing people with simple and intuitive ways of creating a sustainable lifestyle, Mina Webbkurser is the answer to the question "where can I find a course for this?".

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Kreation is a ux design studio working with forward thinking startups and brands to help build a brighter future.

Why does Kreation Studio exist?
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Kreation is our answer to an industry where clients all too often seemed to get left behind. We wanted to create a collaborative space with flexible teams and services - built for your needs.

At Kreation Studio we believe that great user experience design make life more enjoyable, inclusive and easy. Instead of finding freelancers and agencies to put together projects by yourself (where you have to do all the heavy-lifting) we have put together a UX Design Studio to help scale your brand with ease.

What UX Services do you offer?
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We are a UX Design Studio built by designers, engineers & marketers specialized in creating impactful user experiences. We operate within flexible UX roadmaps crafting brands, apps, websites, interfaces, and scalable design systems.

How does a monthly UX Retainer work?
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As a starting point we kick off new collaborations with 2 weeks of user-centered workshop sessions to really get to know your user.

Using your UX strategy we are then able to work with your team on agile sprints on a retainer basis. Where we are designing and optimizing brand identities, design systems, interfaces, websites, apps and content.

From start you'll get access to your design file in Figma and dashboard in Asana where you'll be able to follow the process as we go along. And we'll schedule weekly check-ups with you to track our success.

How to get started with a UX retainer?
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1. Book a quick discovery call to tell us about your concept, goals & challenges.

2. Receive a project brief with steps to take, and suggestions in how to get there.

3. Get going with our 2 week starting sprint to map out your recurring needs, and start out with the retainer that works best for you.

Can I cancel my retainer?
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Yes, you can cancel at anytime.

How big is Kreation Studio?
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Kreation Studio is managed by a team of two - Sara & Daniel.

We work with our team that is located across Sweden, Spain & South Africa, connected through a remote agency approach that fosters collaboration and creativity.

Our team is skilled with Marketing Strategy, UI/UX Design, UX engineering, Low-Code, Website Development, App Development, Startup Models, Content Production, Copywriting, Illustration & Motion Graphics.