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Coly is a software startup launched in 2019 which provides shared living providers with compatibility matching for tenants. Instead of manually interviewing tenants they carefully put together a psychometric test. By doing this Coly successfully launched a solution to quickly moving shortlisted applicants to the interview stage with Coly’s unbiased tenant assessments.


Coly reached out to us as the initial shared living web application was suboptimal and needed a major overhaul. In terms of application design, the startup had plenty of different directions that were becoming problematic as they scaled.

The application design included non-digital branding and the processes for re-building user flows, screens and valuable functions were slowing the startup down.

In tight continuous collaboration with Coly, we designed a web application that improved user experience and the internal workflow.

our solution

User Research

UX/UI Design

Application Design

Web Development

Market-ready Content

We delivered a friendly web application consisting of a modular design system that allows Coly to build branding coherent features with the user in mind. Alongside the application, a custom website was developed to optimise the marketing efforts.

The custom website includes a market-ready illustration system for visualising product components and features to simplify iterations as the product scales up. The custom website also works as a user research tool gathering data from real-time users; optimising the feedback iteration round, keeping the product and website in sync with the market.

The new website is built from a client-first perspective in Webflow for guiding each team member of Coly through valuable live iterations with brief support.

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