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Birthworker is a social health brand founded in 2022 providing a new perspective on pregnancy, birth and beyond. Formed as a network of birthworkers from all areas the new platform aims to empower women with knowledge, shared experience and personal rights.

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Minc reached out to our partner as the initial website was not functional and needed a major overhaul. In terms of user-design, Minc had recently received new brand guidelines that was hard to integrate digitally.

The website was built in a traditional manner and processes for scaling up the site failed, as the site slowly began to fail itself with user flows, navigations and integrating new valuable content.

In tight continuous collaboration with our partner and Minc, we designed a website that improved user experience and the internal workflow.

our solution

UX/UI Design

We delivered a user-friendly website consisting of a modular design system that allows Minc to build branding coherent features with the users and internal team in mind.

The custom web design includes a digital translation of the non-digital brand guidelines to simplify iterations as the website scales up and organically changes. The custom web design also works as a core to gather the team and use the specific subpages as guidelines for each internal division of the Minc team.

The new website is built from a client-first perspective in Webflow by our partner using the modular design system to guide each team member of Minc through future iterations.

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